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  • Logistics
    Logistics management is the part of our supply chain and service
  • Ship Supply
    Shipping Center provides literally anything that is needed aboard a vessel
  • Serving in
    Offshore Platform
  • Warehousing
    We maintain permanent stocks of some products required by our customers.

Coastal Supplies and Services Ltd.

Coastal Supplies and Services Ltd. is a maritime Supplies and services Company specializing in the provision of general ship supplies, stores, spare parts and leading technical maritime brands through its extensive network of East and Southern African ports. For a reasonable period, Coastal Supplies and services has striven to be a trusted partner to our customers.

We offer our services in all Tanzanian Ports, namely Dar es Salaam, Mtwara, Tanga, Bagamoyo, Kilwa and Songosongo. We also extend our serving arm up to neighboring country of Kenya at Mombasa Port.Continue Reading...

What's New

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What We Do


Providing integrated logistics, supply chain management, and dedicated contract carriage.

Spare Parts

We are perfectly positioned to maintain stocks of spare parts for our customers, and obviously…

Ship Supply

We offer a wide range of fresh, frozen and dry provisions to cater to the diverse preferences…

Port Services

No vessel should have to stay in port for longer than strictly necessary, so efficient transport…


We maintain permanent stocks of slightly less than half of all the products required by our…